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Most of you know that I\'m not a big fan of facials. I do enjoy the degrading aspect of getting my face covered in goo but I hate the fact that you simply can\'t properly swallow if you don\'t receive a clean shot into the mouth. Anyway, I must admit this turned out to be a very enjoyable facial shot though and I like how the jizz dribbles down onto my tits. The kneeling blowjob shots (the ones where I?m holding on to the chair) came out great. I love it when my ass looks that hot in a video ;)
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Asian sex bunny Yuki Mori engulfs huge dick with her mouth
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After these two satin clad beauties have golden showered each other the boss walks back in and sees what\'s going on he has a sudden change of heart about slacking on the job. The girls are busted, but they certainly don\'t have any problem letting the boss in on their fun and getting some more hardcore pissing in action started!
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With all the retarded reality shows that they shove down our throats these days, this family would be a hit. Even trying to explain this scene I keep hearing Rod Sterling\'s voice in my head saying \"You just entered the Twilight Zone.\" All week I kept hearing about this Gypsy family that just moved into their manager\'s house. I\'m talking some shit box car packed to the gills, and the entire family. The dog chewing on their dirty panties that were discarded on the floor. Anyway, if you know one thing, it\'s we don\'t give a shit. We are all about throats. Today it was a family affair. The 54 year old is the mother and the daughter is 19. Talk about a Dog and Pony show, and they take it on the road. This one is like The Springer show, but naked. I honestly am at a loss for words, but this will give you something to talk about around the water cooler... Enjoy my friends, and be ready for a mind warping scene.
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Ashton Monroe\'s hormones are on fire and she is hornier than she\'s ever been so she goes searching for her boyfriend determined to get some sexual relief. The only way she knows how to get satisfaction is by jerking Pike off and he is definitely on board with that idea so he watches as she strips naked before him, flashing her sweet tight shaved pussy for him before she starts gently massaging his prick.
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Mom Daisy and Christa are drunk again when Johnny eyes them over. Johnny has such a hard-on, the two curious babes cant help but notice. \"Wow, what a big boner Johnny!\" says perverted mother Daisy. Teen Christa is embarrassed because her pussy starts throbbing at the sight of his bulge. Johnny finally whips it out and the two babes have no choice but to suck and slobber on it until he explodes.
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Pheona Monroe has tits that must be visible from outer space. If you can stop staring at them for a minute then you\'d notice that Pheona has just entered a public restroom that is completely abominable. Pheona has barely gotten acquainted with the place when some anonymous white boys give her their full attention....and vice versa. three feet of anonymous white cock sprout up from all over and Pheona, and those awesome tits, get to sucking on each one. Pheona treats each faceless white boy to a trip in her mouth, past her throat and into her stomach. The diva\'s initial hesitation to enter this public facility is quickly forgotten as she nearly sucks the skin off each anonymous dick. The only logical thing for her to do is step up her game by riding those white cocks. Pheona Monroe\'s big black tits nearly bring her face to the floor as she rides the walls. The busty black bitch bounces that fine ass off each wall until they nearly comes crashing down. Pheona gives her beautiful black snatch a rest and jerks each guy into her mouth.  The dinner bell rang and Pheona\'s stomach is full of cracker cream.
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Vanna just turned 18 and came to America to model. Well she found us first and her first modeling gig turned into a porn shoot. This chick was so hot we felt like two priests at a boy scout sleep over. Her beautiful face takes 3 loads that ever so elegantly augment her femininity.
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