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Description : Audrianna Angel is a cute American Indian girl. This is her first extreme scene and we went crazy horse, I mean crazy on her. She took cocks deep down her throat and looked up with this sweet little innocent smile. She took some good smacks to the face that looked like war paint. Then we fucked her tight little pussy until she was making battle cry noises. We all came all over her face and hair and sent her packing on the trail of tears.

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Vanna just turned 18 and came to America to model. Well she found us first and her first modeling gig turned into a porn shoot. This chick was so hot we felt like two priests at a boy scout sleep over. Her beautiful face takes 3 loads that ever so elegantly augment her femininity.
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With all the retarded reality shows that they shove down our throats these days, this family would be a hit. Even trying to explain this scene I keep hearing Rod Sterling\'s voice in my head saying \"You just entered the Twilight Zone.\" All week I kept hearing about this Gypsy family that just moved into their manager\'s house. I\'m talking some shit box car packed to the gills, and the entire family. The dog chewing on their dirty panties that were discarded on the floor. Anyway, if you know one thing, it\'s we don\'t give a shit. We are all about throats. Today it was a family affair. The 54 year old is the mother and the daughter is 19. Talk about a Dog and Pony show, and they take it on the road. This one is like The Springer show, but naked. I honestly am at a loss for words, but this will give you something to talk about around the water cooler... Enjoy my friends, and be ready for a mind warping scene.
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Johane is a hot import from Mother Russia. She learned all the tricks of the trade whoring there. When she sat on our couch, she claimed she was familiar with rough sex. Her idea of rough sex is a little bit different than ours. This was obvious as soon as Red and Bootleg thrusted their meat down her throat. Her eyes bugged out and she started crying. This is what separates us from the posers. Shit got real, real fast. They didn\'t ease up, though. Her face was slammed with spit and slaps. Once the facial punishment was over, her tight little asshole became the next target. That O ring was stretched to maximum capacity. I\'m talking about one serious pounding! When she couldn\'t take any more and the guys had their fill, they dumped their loads all over her face... leaving her a sloppy mess.
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Dolly Valentine is an 18 year old emo whore who showed up dressed like she either just broke out of jail or was impersonating the Hamburgular. She got emotional during the face fucking and that led to some tears. Typical fucking emo bitch. Her tears were washed away by the barf, though. However, she toughed it out and after her throat was worked over, Bootleg took his hard cock and shoved it right up the old dirt pipe. For a petite chick, she took the anal like a boss. Her reward for being such a good submissive little twat was a monster cum load all over her face!
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This bitch is what we call \"Model Hot\"... meaning if she weren\'t so stupid, she could make money posing in magazines with her clothes on instead of being on her knees chugging down Bootleg\'s cock. Weighing in at a mere 103 pounds, this hottie claimed to be making this video as a life experience... something she can write about in her book. Since when do whores know how to read and write anyway? If this book ever does come out, I hope there\'s a chapter about me and how fucking awesome I am! Oh... and get this. Prior to our shoot, she\'s only been with 3 other people. You know she never barfed on a cock before. Today is a day we make her into a woman.
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Jada was totally the Belle of the Ball, especially when she reached them and gagged. At first she thought she was all that and a bag of dog shit. Telling me how she only does real modeling. Bitch, I don\'t care if you think your the Queen of Sheba, you\'re in my kingdom. You will respect and honor the royal meat shaft. Gag you will, hurl you might, and you will get the disrespect slapped out of you. We are basically a reform school for sluts whom were never taught proper manners, or how to respect the cock. In these modern times the road of easy $ is under construction with no budget to fix it. So even whores have to really put that extra effort to make the cash these days. That\'s how you get a Jada Belle, once high-hoped runway model, now having a train run on her. She fell from high class to having my cock in her ass. She got DP\'ed, and a whole lot more. I\'m sick of giving everything away in the text... Check it out... Enjoy my friends. Cheers, Red.
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Leslie Sierra is a cute little Mexican. She\'s maybe 4\'9\", and possibly 5\'9\" if she\'s sitting on the hood of one of those stupid bouncing cars they all like. She was a trooper though. She worked hard on the cock like my landscaper works on my lawn. She took it deep into her throat, and was talking dirty in that language they use. It\'s like the Ebonics version of Spanish. Then her little midget hole got pillaged. We sat her down and blasted all over her face. She has a look on her face that says, \"Ohh shit, vato, what just happened homes?\"
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Asshole was a cock crazy diva. She turned into The Incredible Senorita with a green face filled with guacamole. She was a true glutton for punishment and knew she deserved every insult, and slap thrown her way. Red gave her a little body work with a roll of duct tape. She got her MILF throat fucked and her fish cavity filled. Her ass was turned rojo with the slaps and the Tickler. Then, we glazed her face and had Bootleg drop her back off at the Turnpike truck stop. Back to work you Lot Lizard.
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