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Description : Most of you know that I\'m not a big fan of facials. I do enjoy the degrading aspect of getting my face covered in goo but I hate the fact that you simply can\'t properly swallow if you don\'t receive a clean shot into the mouth. Anyway, I must admit this turned out to be a very enjoyable facial shot though and I like how the jizz dribbles down onto my tits. The kneeling blowjob shots (the ones where I?m holding on to the chair) came out great. I love it when my ass looks that hot in a video ;)

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Added on : 2017-03-04 00:00:02 by Cummeister

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Sometimes I look at one of my videos and think to myself, now that\'s not just hardcore, that\'s SEXY. \"Shine\" is one of those clips.  I can\'t put my finger on it, maybe it\'s the sunny lighting, maybe the bikini (which is a size to small) but more likely it\'s the mellow mood I seem to be in when I get that facial. The final shots have a dreamy quality that I really like. It\'s not something I tried to do, it just happened and so many years later it still works for me.
282 days ago
The last couple of tit-fucking videos usually ended in someone spoon-feeding me cum from my own cleavage. In this movie though (and this has been requested lots of times) the cum shot goes right on my boobs and nipples. No funny business, just a straightforward tit fuck and a money shot on the hooters. Well, actually, that\'s not quite true. There\'s also a very weird/funny hand job sequence at the beginning of the video, which we decided not to edit out of the clip. Check it out!
309 days ago
So what\'s the difference between cumeating, cumdrinking and cumswallowing? Dictionary wasn\'t much help. Here\'s what I think: Swallowing is when you take a load in your mouth or on your face and you - well - \"swallow\". Cum-drinking in my opinion refers to larger quantities of cum in a bowl or glass. Cum-eating on the other hand means that there\'s either food or a plate or a spoon involved. Also, in general I\'d say \"licking\" cum off any object (like the floor, a table or a saucer for example) always constitutes cum \"eating\".
304 days ago
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